In-N-Out’s Secret Secret Menu

In-N-Out famously offers just five items on its menu: three burgers (hamburger, cheeseburger, and double cheeseburger), fries, and three flavors of shake. You can also order the standard variety of Coca Cola sodas. More famously, they have an extensive “secret menu.” The menu is such an open secret that In-N-Out even publishes it on their website. Sort of. Not all the items available at In-N-Out show up on their official 'secret menu.' Here then, is our comprehensive list:




Two patties and four slices of cheese. You used to be able to order any combination meat and cheese (3×3, 4×2, 20×20, etc.). Now the 4×4 is the maximum size they’ll honor.

Double Meat

Two patties, no cheese. You can order double, triple or quadruple meat.

Flying Dutchman

Double meat, double cheese, nothing else. No lettuce. No Tomatoes. No onions. Not even a bun. 

Grilled Cheese

Basically what it sounds like—a cheeseburger without the burger. Comes with lettuce, onions and tomatoes.

Veggie Burger

No meat. No cheese. Just lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Hard to imagine the point.


Animal Style

This is the one most people have heard of. ‘Animal Style’ starts by coating the patty with mustard, then they add the cheese, diced onions, and secret sauce—all mixed together and grilled. You also get extra pickles. Any burger can be ordered Animal Style.

Mustard Grilled

A patty coated in mustard before grilling.

Protein Style

Any burger they offer, wrapped in lettuce instead a bun.


Any burger, just cut in half.

Extra Toast

All In-N-Out burgers come on lightly toasted buns. ‘Extra toast’ just toasts the bun a little longer.

No Salt

No salt added to your burger (or fries).


Animal Style Fries

Grilled onions, melted cheese and extra sauce, smothered over fries.

Cheese Fries

Fries topped with melted cheese on top.

Well Done or Light

Fries light are basically undercooked fries. Fries well done are overcooked.


Neapolitan Shake

A chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shake, layered in a single cup.

Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl

Chocolate and vanilla shakes, stirred together.

Root Beer Float

Half vanilla shake, half root beer.



Extra Spread

In-N-Out calls it’s Thousand Island-eque secret sauce “spread.” You can get extra added to your burger, or ask for a packet to go.

Grilled Onions

When you order at In-N-Out they ask if you want onions. If you say yes you’ll get them chopped and raw. You can also ask for them grilled or ‘grilled whole’ (i.e. one big slice).

Chopped Chilis

Chopped pepperoncinis added to your burger. You can also ask for a packet to go.

Extra _____

You can always ask for extra tomatoes, lettuce, onion, etc.


All In-N-Outs have sticker puzzles for kids. They’ll also give you some paper hats if you ask for them. Most also sell t-shirts and bumper stickers and a few offer a wider variety of merchandise—from posters, to bikinis to lawn chairs.