It looks like somebody’s beginning
to take an interest in our handiwork…


We’re not being humble here, we are genuinely surprised that this little blog has generated so much attention. Below are some of the (mostly nice) things people have written about us. If you really want to you can click on the source to read the original articles and interviews.

Oh, and if you want to write about the project (or just want to say hello), drop us a line.


“Brilliant. Burgers never looked or sounded so good.”
Edible SF

“Come for the hamburgers, stay for the design criticism.”
Smithsonian Magazine

“The lessons are as meaty as their muses.”

“Thoughtful and delightfully nerdy.”
Serious Eats

“Shows that critical writing about design can be smart, funny, and unexpected.”
AIGA | Eye on Design

“A great read.”
The Fox is Black

“If you think pickles are an expression of brand strategy, then is the website for you.”
Roman Mars, 99% Invisible

“Perfect reading for hungry McLuhanites.”

“We tip our hat to the sheer level of intellect invested in each review.”

“This is peak burger porn.”

“Who knew that burgers made for design wisdom?”
Armin Vit, UnderConsideration

“Mouthwatering and compelling.”
Food Republic

“A brilliant, burger-filled inspiration experiment.”
Creative Bloq

“One of the Top 10 Websites for Designers.”

“One of the 5 Best Websites for Burger Porn.”
First We Feast

Happy Mundane

“Relevant and insightful.”

“Unusual and fun.”

The House Worldwide

New Advertising